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Phish Dick’s 2015: Please, Be Kind. September 8, 2015

It occurred to me during Phish’s Sunday night “THANK YOU” encore at Dick’s that perhaps part of the reason Trey Anastasio played with Dead50 was so that he could train under their leadership on how to make a community feel more banded, more connected and more uplifted by spreading a peaceful, positive message, giving thanks, and playing a unifying song that makes people feel stronger, like “United We Stand”.


After Friday night’s show I saw a status update from a Deadhead friend who said the people on Phish lot are mean and rude and that he didn’t have a very good time.  At first I wasn’t sure I agreed with his post, until I coincidentally experienced people be rude to me on Phish lot the very next night.

First I walked by a guy who had a table set up with glass pipes and he asked me if I wanted to buy one and I said no.  He responded with a nasty attitude and told me to “keep walking, then.”  First of all, I was still walking, and second of all, there was no reason to be nasty to me just because I happened to walk by his booth and didn’t want or need to purchase a glass pipe from him.

About thirty minutes later I had a girl be a bitch to me because I bought a burrito at the stand next to hers and she didn’t like that I stopped to take a bite of the burrito in front of her stand and she came out and commanded me to “go eat my burrito somewhere else.”  I had just put condiments on my burrito and had only been standing there for about 30 seconds when she rudely asked me to move.

I realized then that my friend was kind of right; the scene contained some unconscious, non-friendly people, which of course happens everywhere, but shouldn’t.  I think the Grateful Dead always made valiant effort to fill their fans with good words, lyrics, messages and vibes, and I think this is something they told Trey Anastasio – that he needs to ensure his band carries on the legacy and uplifts their fans to feel like better, kinder people than they were yesterday.

The Phish scene will never be the Dead scene, and that’s OK, because it is what it is.  I think this was also made evident to me in the camp site, when people were listening to Hanson and 80s music that I had to get away from, and when some idiot sat down in our camp and started talking very loudly about how he thinks Donald Trump is the best candidate for presidency.  I asked him to take his conversation elsewhere and he responded by telling me that I probably don’t even vote, and I don’t know what I’m talking about.  He pissed me off more than anything the entire weekend, he made my heart beat fast and he made me want to be mean back to him, but I kept my mouth shut, because deep down I know that anyone who has to talk at a louder volume than anyone else to make sure his opinions are heard is really the most ignorant person in the group.  Plus, of course I fucking vote, and I’m an organ donor, because that’s what Bob Weir and Phil Lesh asked of me years ago when I fell in love with their music.

Phish definitely knows how to throw a party, and I love dancing to their grooves, and I think I see that they are trying to take their power to the next level and unite their fans.  Hopefully their message spreads, they stay healthy and continue to play together for another 20 years so I can attend their 50th anniversary concerts one day.


Phish concert dream #3. November 18, 2009

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I have some really funky dreams. Topics I’ve imagined cover getting chased by dinosaurs, seeing my deceased grandparents as not only alive, but older than they were when they died, riding ski lifts and going to concerts. Most days I don’t remember a single dream I may have had, but other days I wake up recalling some of the most bizarre experiences.

I have a pretty set sleep schedule and I wake up everyday at 7:45am without an alarm. Usually when I have a dream that really stands out to me, it tends to happen right before I wake up for the day. Today I woke up at 5:45am, used the restroom, lay awake in bed for about an hour, then dozed and had this crazy hallucination…

This morning I dreamt I went to a huge Phish concert. It was the third time I have dreamt about seeing Phish in concert in about six weeks. I don’t know why I dream about seeing Phish in concert, it’s not like I am completely obsessed with the band or listen to only Phish/all Phish all day. The only reason I can really attribute is that I am, in real-life, going to see them in concert on Dec. 3 & 4, 2009 at Madison Square Garden. I am definitely excited for and look forward to the shows…but getting tickets for them was a challenge…and it’s such a big deal to so many people…and I think that intensity is hanging around in my subconscious and likes to dance around in my head when I am visiting dreamland.

In this dream I went to the concert with two of my oldest friends and all three of our moms. We were at a huge venue and our seats were in the front row of an upper section that mechanically moved out over the section below ours and our seats were hanging over a ledge, with no barrier between! We had nothing to stand on to dance! If we weren’t holding tight to our seats when they moved out we would have fallen to the section below. I specifically remember thinking how dangerous the seats were. One of the friends I was at the show with had a cooler and pulled out a package of ground beef and said she was going to make hot dogs on a grill during set-break.

I decided I didn’t like my seat and didn’t want to be with the people I was with so I left to get a beer at the bar. The bartender sucked. He wasn’t even doing anything but took so long to serve me and the other people in line. He was eating pizza and “cheers’d” me with it once he finally served me a beer. At this point in the dream I pulled out a whistle, just your everyday, average whistle, and blew into it a certain way that it called my boyfriend Paul on his cell phone. Paul was also at the show but was sitting with his friends from his hometown. At first Paul ignored my calls and I was pissed, mostly because I had to keep blowing into this whistle to dial him and he wouldn’t answer. On the third call he answered and I asked him to meet me at the bathroom so I could come to their seats but he refused. He said I should just stay with the people I was with. I told him I didn’t want to stay with them, that I was having a horrible time and it was “the worst concert I’d ever been to.”

After Paul and I “hung-up” I started to walk back toward the seats but I realized I was almost out of beer. I didn’t know if I drank it all or it spilled or I never got a full beer to start with, but I went back to the bar for a refill and saw Paul there. The bartender served him and he ordered a Jack and Coke, then I piped in I would have one, too. The bartender only brought one (because he was a crappy bartender, remember?) so Paul took his drink and left me at the bar waiting for mine because he didn’t want me to sit with them. After I finally got my drink I snuck into the lower section of the venue and tried to find Paul and his friends. I never found them and I couldn’t find anywhere to sit so I turned to go back up stairs to the bathroom/concession area and I found a bag of weed on the stairs so I scooped that up.

Once I got back to the concession area I was in a bad mood because Paul wouldn’t meet up with me so I threw my whistle and a special light-up concert ring I was wearing on my pointer finger over a ledge down to the busy road below. I walked toward the bathroom and passed a girl I was friends with in high school who was holding hands with another girl and they were obviously a couple. Then I saw one of my friends I had originally come with so I waited for her to use the bathroom and I guess I went back to my original seat but that is where the dream ended.

Some things that happened in dream would have never happened in real life. First, I would not be at a Phish show with any of the people I went to it with in the dream. Second, you don’t make hot dogs out of ground beef and you don’t cook them up on a grill during set-break inside the venue. Third, why was I contacting Paul on a whistle? Fourth, the girl I saw holding hands with another girl…that was just weird… And lastly, Paully would never ditch me at a concert!!!!!!