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Goodbye Little Green & My Month of Uber January 31, 2018

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Friends! Hi!  Once again, it’s been way too long since I’ve written a blog.  But hello! It’s happening, and it’s about my lack of transportation this past month and how in reality, everything worked out in my favor.

One day in late December right before Christmas 20017, my much beloved 1998 Honda CRV broke down in Denver not too far from my house, and it turned out to be that car’s last hoorah.  Little Green, as I liked to call my pine green love bug on wheels, made it to 241,000 miles (almost), and f’n kicked a$$ the whole time I had it.


The day I got LG 08/31/2015

I got Little Green (LG) days before Dick’s 2015, which means I had it for 2 years and 4 months.  My parents actually got the car for me and had it “shipped” to Denver.  For realz mom and dad, thank you so much.  It was probably the best car I’ve ever had.  It never let me down.  It always started and got me where I wanted to go – it made it to three Phish Dick’s, several camping adventures in the mountains (including the one when mice decided to build a nest in the blower motor), snowboarding, hiking; and even when LG broke down, she allowed me to park her in a safe spot overnight and take Uber home and take care of the ‘broken down car thing’ the next day, when it wasn’t dark and 0 degrees out.

LG2 dicks

LG packed and ready to roll – Phish Dick’s 2017

LG broke down right before Christmas 2017.  I was told by my mechanic that it needs a new transmission, that it isn’t worth fixing and I should look for a “new” car.  (Easy for you to say.)  I’ve learned it’s pretty hard to shop for a new car when you don’t have a car.  It takes forever to take the bus places, and why should I pay Uber or Lyft to bring me to look at some shitty car I’m most likely not going to buy?  I only want to buy a car that’s convenient for me, a car I like, and that has good internet reviews.

You want to know what car has great internet reviews?  A used Honda CRV – just like I had.  I have learned that older Honda CRVs really hold their value.  An ’02 can still go for $5-6000, depending on mileage/condition.  My budget is less than that, and though I could take out a loan, I just don’t want to.  So my shopping options have been limited.

It turns out used car dealerships aren’t open on Sundays, which most weeks only leaves me Saturdays to car shop, but if I want to have the car checked out by a mechanic to ensure I’m not buying a lemon, I need to do that on a weekday.  Add that to me not having a car, and that I injured my knee and couldn’t really walk for about a week, and you will realize I haven’t been doing too much car shopping.

But it’s back to to it tomorrow!  I made an appointment to look at a CRV through a private owner via craigslist, and then I might take the bus down south Broadway and get off whenever I see a used dealership I want to check out.  Doesn’t that sound fun!?

Did you know some dealerships make you have your own car insurance if you want to test drive a vehicle?  Luckily I still have Little Green, sitting in her parking spot outside my apartment building, and she is still insured.  I refuse to sell the car until it’s replaced.  If I get another CRV I might be able to switch the tires and/or radio headset, and that’s what I’m holding on to.  (That, or sentimental value.)

So what I have I been doing the past five weeks without a car?  Utilizing all the city’s options!  I’m back on the bus! I was taking the bus to and from work, which is rather affordable at $5.20 for a day pass that gets me around Denver until 1:59AM each day; I just have to dedicate a lot of my time to sitting on and traveling to/between buses.

I’ve also been taking Uber quite often, which was supposed to be the point of this blog but it kind of went astray.

I’m a fan of Uber.  I know it has kind of a bad rep on the internet, but I prefer Uber over Lyft.  I find the rides to be cheaper most of the time, and I like that I don’t feel pressured to sit in the front seat.  Also, they always e-mail me promotions, which is really the reason I use Uber as much as I do.

Wouldn’t you know, that on January 3, 2018, I got (another) Uber e-mail promotion to pay $5 on the spot and then have discounted rides via Uber for 28 days.  What perfect timing.  Yeah, it sucked that my car died, but Uber really pulled through with discounted flat fares for the whole month of January.  I used it occasionally in the beginning of the month, but once I injured my knee I started taking it everyday, including to and from Urgent Care in the snow storm (on crutches) to have my knee checked out.

My “Month of Uber” has been amazing.  It’s great having someone pick me up for work and drive me home after, all at the click of a button.  Plus, my drivers have been amazing.  They are all so friendly and kind, and if I don’t feel like talking, we don’t talk.  But if I do feel like talking, we talk the entire ride.  It’s been really cool meeting so many different people as they drive me around, and I’d like to think they like meeting me, too.

A few special drivers that stand out to me are: the guy in the band Eminence Ensemble, the older man from the US Virgin Islands who has eight kids and ten grand kids, still uses military time, only sleeps 4 hours/night and absolutely refuses to babysit or spend more than a few hours at a time with his grand kids, and the few Uber shares where we picked up riders and it turned in to an entertaining commute. (The woman who got off her Tuesday afternoon blind date, the girl who made us sit in traffic in downtown Denver for 30 mins and I didn’t know if I’d make it to Sancho’s happy hour but the driver was cool, and the gal who was getting married and told me flowers can cost around $20K).

Tomorrow I will go back to riding the bus and shopping for shitty, used cars.  I can’t actually afford to take Uber to and from work every day if I don’t have a promo. But all I would like to say is, it’s been fun.  In fact, I’d even consider driving for Uber part-time, that’s how much of a good experience I’ve had with it this month. I also hope to find a new (used) Honda CRV…tomorrow.


July 2017 – the day DeadMau5 moved in

I think that’s about all I’ve got right now.  Peace out.



Re: Pizza in Denver April 29, 2016

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If Denver is going to insist on growing at a dynamic rate, all I request of the city is that it gets an actual GOOD pizza place. I’m sick of being disappointed in my meal when I go out for pizza on a Friday night.  I often get pizza at Fat Sully’s or Atomic Cowboy or whatever the name of that place is, and almost every time I go to the location on S. Broadway I walk in with high hopes, but am usually left disappointed and wondering why I spent so much money on my experience.

I find their pizza slices to be too large, too thin and topping selection is quite weak.  It’s awesome food for if you’re drunk, or if you’re from some state in the country that isn’t known for having good pizza, but if you’re craving authentic, east coast, very delicious pizza, don’t go there.  The slices fall apart in your hand.  They serve gigantic slices, but they are so big that if you add even a single topping, the crust disintegrates as you’re eating it.  It’s not worth it.  I rather have a regular sized slice and get the toppings that I want.  But this place doesn’t even have all the toppings that you want.  It’s printed on the box that they have a “perfect slice of New York pizza”, but I don’t think that’s true.  I don’t even think the owner is Italian, because an Italian pizza-shop owner would have fresh mozzarella as a topping option, and actual whole leaves of basil, not a few shreds worth, sprinkled about the slice.  He would put more than seven miniature chunks of sausage on your slice, and actual cut up cloves of garlic, not a dusting. He would slather the huge slice in your topping of choice, and not start ⅓ of the slice up and scatter the topping on the remaining end.

I’m not saying it’s the owner’s fault, because I know it’s probably the kitchen employee’s fault.  And I feel bad about saying this because I have a friend who works at the Colfax location, and I have no beef with the Colfax location, it’s the S. Broadway restaurant location that has repeatedly let me down.  Tonight I spent $30 and don’t even think that my experience was worth it, at all.  Though, I did have two beers, which I enjoyed, as well as salad and pizza.  They had what I would consider to be good music playing, and they have a nice beer selection.  The family style salad is quite tasty.  They also have a bunch of of board games you can bring back to your table.  I like the environment and the vibe of the place, which I why I keep returning, I just wish their pizza satisfied my pizza desires a little more.

It makes me wonder, why doesn’t Denver have any authentic, awesome Italian owned pizzeria restaurants?  I really took them for granted when I lived in Morris County, NJ.  I even worked at one, and though I knew the food was tasty as fuck when I worked there, I didn’t realize then that those little hometown joints don’t exist all over the country.
All I want in Denver is a really good pizza, sandwich and Italian food restaurant option.  I don’t know if those types of Italian people live in Denver.  I guess I don’t blame them, because it might not be their scene, but I wish someone would fulfill my desire…and I don’t want it to be me!