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“Gingersnap, A Phish Holiday Rhyme” By: Kay Bizzle December 23, 2010

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Oh snap, ginger snap
here comes Trey in a Jerry-like top hat
reddish hair and a light freckled phace,
I’ll party with him if he can keep my pace

Ginger bread man
Trey’s the man
bet he cooks his motzas in a frying pan

Oh snap…as in ginger snap
Trey and the gang make the kids clap
clap on, clap off,
shred the gnar of your guitar

Phish rocks more than jew lox and polocks,
led by Trey, the ginger man
We got Page side, rage side
man, we’s get so high

Gordon delight,
your bass makes me take flight
and Fishman in his dress
puts my rhythm to the test

Trizzle, my nizzle
you’re the man,
as in ginger man!


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**all photos taken from GoogleImages


On the Island (Long Beach Island, NJ) August 11, 2010

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Ice cream bells,
Ocean smells,
A salty breeze,
A shore to please.
Seagulls pecking at the sand,
Lovers walking hand in hand,
Night time strolls along the beach,
Shooting stars within your reach.
Enjoy your time with family and friends
Hope the vacation never ends…


A few poems by LC October 16, 2009

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Please! More tea for me!
Makes me really have to pee
So warm and happy


Running late to work
One more song, what do I choose?
Duh! Cumberland Blues!