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Blog Life! Twenties, curls, interviews and dumpsters April 27, 2017

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It’s been a while since I’ve written a blog.  Too long.  Google didn’t event use auto-fill when I was typing in the WordPress page, and that is sad.  I used to write mad blogs, and I’m going to try to do that again.  My Buscapades blogs were definitely the best, but I don’t ride the bus much these days, so I am just going to write about day-to-day life, starting with today.

Today I had an interview for a “real” job that I actually think I am a very good fit for.  I wanted to be prepared and look nice for my interview, so after researching hairstyles for long hair and job interviews, I decided I better go purchase a curling iron.  I picked up a curling iron and hairspray at Wal-Mart and went to pay for it at self checkout.  When I stepped up to the self checkout counter I saw the unmistakable image of Andrew Jackson out of the corner of my eye.  I looked down and saw that sure enough, there was a twenty dollar bill, folded in half, lying on the ground, halfway underneath the self checkout station.  I quickly bent down, scooped it up, put it in my purse and continued paying for my hair supplies.

As I was checking out I was thinking to myself, “I wonder who lost the twenty dollar bill? Should I give it to the self checkout clerk? If I keep it, will I lose something in return?” I decided to tell my conscience to shut up and keep the money and use it to buy groceries.

However, after I finished my transaction and walked past the self checkout clerk, I noticed she was ringing up a man for fried chicken and that he seemed to be searching his pockets hard, as though he lost something.  I stalled and tried to hear if he was going to tell the clerk what he was looking for, and he and I ended up walking out of the store at the same time.  I saw that he was still heavily searching the cargo pockets of his sweatpants, so I asked him, “Did you lose something?” And he said, “Yeah, I lost my twenty.”

“Well, I found it,” I said, and I reached into my purse, grabbed it and handed it back to him.

“Thank you!” he said, and asked where I found it.  I told him, I said “you’re welcome”, and we carried on our separate ways.  That’s it.  That’s all the happened.  There was no hug or tears or sign from the universe that I did the right thing, but I know I did because I felt good about it.  I felt like a good person who did the right thing, and I hoped those feelings would carry with me to my job interview.

When I got home from Wal-Mart it was time to start getting ready for the interview.  First I ironed my outfit, and learned the hard way that the pants I ironed were made from a “do not iron” material.  I didn’t have enough time to throw a different outfit together, so I wore the pants anyway and figured no one would stare at the spot that looked like it may have melted a little bit.

I then moved into the bathroom to use my brand new curling iron.  I haven’t really curled my hair in something like ten years (probably more), and I know that my hair doesn’t hold a curl, so I took my time and made sure to use lots of hairspray.  I curled half of my hair and thought it looked very nice, then moved on to the other half.


fresh curls

The curls on the first half of my hair had already started to fall out while I worked on the second half, and my whole head of hair was looking a lot less curly by the time I put on my jacket to walk to the bus 30 minutes later.

no curls

leaving for the bus, not curly

I brought a mirror in my purse and checked my hair on the bus en route to the interview, and the curls were completely gone.  Curling my hair was a waste of time and money, and I smelled like I used hairspray as a perfume.  I told myself it was OK, and that at least I tried.

I’m not so sure how the interview went.  It was in a big office building in the middle of downtown, and I think I really want the job.  As I already mentioned, I think I’m very well qualified for the position and have relevant experience, I’m just not sure how I did in the interview.  I can write a good cover letter and resume, but when it comes time for the face to face interview, I am not so sure about my interviewing skills.  I don’t think I expressed my interest and relevant experience enough, and the woman asked me what my salary requirements are and I totally drew a blank.  I wished she’d told me what the salary would be.  It’s kind of an entry level, assistant position, and it’s not like I’d be leaving a professional job and salary to take this position, so if I want the job, I’d take what they offered me.

Oh, well.  Once again, at least I tried in the interview.  I put in a lot of effort, and hopefully my resume displays the things I neglected to say.  But if you’re reading this, maybe you can keep your fingers crossed for me that I get a call back.  She said they hope to make a decision some time next week.

Just when you thought this blog was going to end, I have one more little story I can tell that happened to me today.

After I returned from the interview I brought my bike out the backdoor of my apartment building and there was an older man going through items in the dumpster, which is right next to the backdoor.  It was the second day in a row I’d seen him doing this.  Yesterday I thought he was a homeless guy, but today when I came outside he said hello to me and asked how my asthma is doing.

“My asthma?” I thought to myself, because I DO have slight asthma, and it’s actually been worse than ever lately, but how the hell does this guy know that?

“Oh, it’s OK,” I said.  “Why do you ask?”

“Because I remember you saying you have asthma, and I know this time of year can be tough, with so many things in the air.’

“Oh, yea,” I said.  “I have an inhaler, so I can use that if I need to.”

“Well that’s good,” he said as he was checking the pocket of a red women’s jacket someone put in the dumpster.  “You wouldn’t believe the things some people throw away,” he said.

We shared another moment of small talk and I joked that the women’s jacket would look good on him before I biked away.  It dawned on me that I think he is actually my neighbor and lives two doors down from me in the building.  I believe he owns a white pickup truck which is always filled with items he must find in dumpsters around town.  I remembered that one time I passed him in the hallway and I was wearing tie-dye pants and non-matching floral print shirt, and he told me he liked my outfit, which was kind of funny because it wasn’t a very good outfit.  I think I was doing laundry.

But anyway.  That’s all I’ve got for now.  Hopefully I wrote another blog soon.  Thanks for stopping in.  CIAO!