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Re: Pizza in Denver April 29, 2016

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If Denver is going to insist on growing at a dynamic rate, all I request of the city is that it gets an actual GOOD pizza place. I’m sick of being disappointed in my meal when I go out for pizza on a Friday night.  I often get pizza at Fat Sully’s or Atomic Cowboy or whatever the name of that place is, and almost every time I go to the location on S. Broadway I walk in with high hopes, but am usually left disappointed and wondering why I spent so much money on my experience.

I find their pizza slices to be too large, too thin and topping selection is quite weak.  It’s awesome food for if you’re drunk, or if you’re from some state in the country that isn’t known for having good pizza, but if you’re craving authentic, east coast, very delicious pizza, don’t go there.  The slices fall apart in your hand.  They serve gigantic slices, but they are so big that if you add even a single topping, the crust disintegrates as you’re eating it.  It’s not worth it.  I rather have a regular sized slice and get the toppings that I want.  But this place doesn’t even have all the toppings that you want.  It’s printed on the box that they have a “perfect slice of New York pizza”, but I don’t think that’s true.  I don’t even think the owner is Italian, because an Italian pizza-shop owner would have fresh mozzarella as a topping option, and actual whole leaves of basil, not a few shreds worth, sprinkled about the slice.  He would put more than seven miniature chunks of sausage on your slice, and actual cut up cloves of garlic, not a dusting. He would slather the huge slice in your topping of choice, and not start ⅓ of the slice up and scatter the topping on the remaining end.

I’m not saying it’s the owner’s fault, because I know it’s probably the kitchen employee’s fault.  And I feel bad about saying this because I have a friend who works at the Colfax location, and I have no beef with the Colfax location, it’s the S. Broadway restaurant location that has repeatedly let me down.  Tonight I spent $30 and don’t even think that my experience was worth it, at all.  Though, I did have two beers, which I enjoyed, as well as salad and pizza.  They had what I would consider to be good music playing, and they have a nice beer selection.  The family style salad is quite tasty.  They also have a bunch of of board games you can bring back to your table.  I like the environment and the vibe of the place, which I why I keep returning, I just wish their pizza satisfied my pizza desires a little more.

It makes me wonder, why doesn’t Denver have any authentic, awesome Italian owned pizzeria restaurants?  I really took them for granted when I lived in Morris County, NJ.  I even worked at one, and though I knew the food was tasty as fuck when I worked there, I didn’t realize then that those little hometown joints don’t exist all over the country.
All I want in Denver is a really good pizza, sandwich and Italian food restaurant option.  I don’t know if those types of Italian people live in Denver.  I guess I don’t blame them, because it might not be their scene, but I wish someone would fulfill my desire…and I don’t want it to be me!  


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