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Buscapades: Express Yourself! November 25, 2014

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I recently rode the #1 bus toward Federal Blvd. and got a real kick out of the social interaction between two other passengers on the line.

A woman boarded the bus and walked past me down the aisle, and a man a few rows behind me said, “There she is!”


The woman stopped at his row, and I heard her ask him how they knew each other.

“Aren’t you Susan, who plays bass?” he asked.

“No, I don’t play any musical instruments,” she said.

It turned out they didn’t know each other, but she wasn’t afraid to make friends.

“Scoot over,” she said. “I’ll sit next to you.”

“Where are you headed?” she asked him.

“To pick up my check from the FSC,” he said.

I listened to the two of them talk about the FSC, and I wondered if they had possibly ridden the short bus together in high school. Her voice was very loud and obvious, like a child’s, and he spoke softly and gently, like a woman.

She quickly moved on to more pressing social matters, and asked him how he felt about the ruling in the controversial trial in Ferguson, MO that had been released that morning. The man said he didn’t know as much about it as he would like, and wondered if the victim had any weapons, like a knife, on him at the time he was killed.

“The end result is that he is dead with his brains blown out,” a third passenger interjected, and the Ferguson conversation stopped there.

The woman proclaimed that her back hurt and moved across the aisle to a window seat, a few rows behind me.

The man was getting off at the next stop, and as he prepared to exit he told the woman to have a great day.  As he got off the bus he said to her, “And don’t forget – have fun!”

The bus doors closed and we rolled away, and the woman snorted in sarcastic laughter.

“Hah! Fun!” she shouted, to no one in particular. “How can anyone have fun when they have a paper due? All I can think about is this paper looming over my head, not fun!”

I couldn’t help but wonder who the hell she had to write a paper for.

When we pulled up to the next stop the woman began to express a lot of excitement at something through the window.

“OMG! Look at that BABY!” she cried. “He’s sooo cute!”

The baby she was referring to was a service dog that was waiting to board the bus.  It was a very small cattle dog with two different colored eyes.

“Look at the little babyyyy! He’s so cute! Hi Baby!” She yelled toward the window.

“Hi, you precious puppy, you beautiful little baby,” she yelled down the aisle once they had boarded.

She made such a commotion over the dog that everyone turned back to look at her.  I couldn’t turn around to look because I was laughing so hard that I had tears trickling out of my eyes.

The man and his dog sat toward the front of the bus and only rode for a few stops.  The woman cooed more adorations during the ride and shouted goodbye when they exited the bus.  Neither the man nor the dog paid the woman much attention.

After I regained control from my laughter I was able to snap the above photo of the woman by pretending I wanted a selfie, and then cropping myself out.

I am grateful to have witnessed the love and kindness this woman displayed to both strangers and animals alike, and thankful for the color that she added to my day.


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