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Why I Will Never Patronize a Perfect Teeth Dental Practice Ever Again September 23, 2014

I had a poor experience at the Perfect Teeth dental practice located on Speer and Washington in Denver today, and I would not suggest anyone I know patronize this conniving, uninformative, money-stealing company.

I went to Perfect Teeth this morning for a routine periodontal cleaning and exam.  It was to be my second cleaning there, and the office administrator told me the appointment was going to cost $8.00 after my insurance kicked in.  That sounded good to me.


I laid back in the chair for my exam, and I must say, it was absolutely the worst dental cleaning experience I’ve ever had in my whole life.  The hygienist, Maria, scrapped so hard at my teeth I actually found myself wondering if she was trying to scrape off the enamel.  I’m not saying my teeth are the cleanest teeth ever, but they have already been cleaned this year, and I floss most nights, so they certainly couldn’t have been that bad.

I didn’t understand why Maria was so aggressive with the stainless steel dental pick.   At one moment I was so uncomfortable I kicked up my legs and twisted them around each other while gripping the chair with my hands and holding my breath.  I’ve never had any issues with or fears of dental cleanings before, but this experience at Perfect Teeth was painful, uncomfortable and stressful, and will be my last.

Sometime while Maria was doing my cleaning she decided I needed a pillow of antibiotics deposited between one of my teeth, so she did that, and then she “flushed my gums” with some sort of liquid antiseptic that tasted an awful lot like Listerine.  After all this was over Maria decided to paint a flouride paste across both the inside and outside of all my teeth. Not once did Maria or an office administrator ask me if I wanted extra treatment or tell me that what they were doing in my mouth was going to cost extra money, and I don’t think that’s right.

If Perfect Teeth was an honest and fair business, one of the employees would have suggested that I receive extra treatment during the cleaning, and informed me of how much it would cost BEFORE performing the procedures – but no.  My only knowledge of an increased bill came toward the end of the cleaning when Maria had her hands in my mouth that an office administrator stopped in the room holding a file and attempted to talk to me about scheduling an appointment the following week for cavity maintenance (including repair on a cavity they filled only a few months ago,) and how much that would cost, but then she said, “I see now isn’t a good time to talk, but your bill for today is going to be $134.70,” and left the room.

What was I supposed to do? Bite the hand that cleaned me? Maria’s hands were literally in my mouth, and I couldn’t talk.  I would have objected to the extra treatment and increased bill had I known what was going on (A.) That they gave me an antibiotic, liquid antiseptic and fluoride paste without my knowledge or consent, and (B.) That those items cost extra money, but nobody ever told me.  If the office administrator was trying to talk to me about my bill during my cleaning she chose the worst possible time to have a conversation, which displays another fine example of Perfect Teeth’s unprofessional business ethics. Either the administrator is incompetent, unqualified for her job and too unintelligent to know better, or she plotted to present me with the bill during my cleaning because she knew it would be an incredibly inconvenient time.

When my cleaning ended Maria asked if I would like a toothbrush and I said yes, but she never gave me one.  I had to stop at the store on the way to work and spend even more money on a toothbrush and toothpaste just so I could get that damn fluoride paste off my teeth that she put on without my permission.

Before I left the office I witnessed a few more screw ups.  The office administrator proved herself even more incompetent for her job when she collected my payment and didn’t give me a receipt, and then when she showed me an estimate of the bill for the next visit she overcharged me by over $50 and had to edit and re-print it.

From my experience at Perfect Teeth, this company is out to get you.  Their employees perform less than quality work, as a minor cavity they filled for me in the spring needs repair, and they work together to try to get every dollar they can out of you.  I am disappointed that I wasted my yearly dental insurance coverage with this company, and I really hope that you don’t make the same mistake I did and go to a Perfect Teeth dental practice, even if it is walking distance from your apartment and you don’t own a car and it opens at 7AM and you can squeeze in an appointment before working a ten-hour shift.


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