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LC 3.0 – My First Time in Cuffs April 22, 2014

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I got handcuffed for my first time ever on 4/20/2014, Easter Sunday, for smoking a joint on the back patio at Cervante’s Other Side. I was at the venue for the Leftover Salmon “Still Smokin’” party, and plenty of people were smoking, but for some reason, I was targeted.

Photo by Bud W.

Photo by Bud W.

I was sharing a joint on the back patio with two other people and when the joint was handed to me a tall man in casual clothing tapped me on the shoulder and asked if he could have the joint. As I handed it to him he flashed me a badge. “You’re coming with me,” he said.

At first I wasn’t sure if it was a joke, but the man grabbed my forearm with incredible force and led me back into Cervante’s Other Side where there were five men in black waiting to help handle me. I was cuffed and brought into the back alley where there were about 20 other tall, buff men dressed in black with walkie talkies, swarming the little station they had set up.

The men told me I could “take a seat” while they issued me my non-criminal violation for “possession or consumption of marijuana”, but I chose to remain standing. I wanted so badly for someone to take a picture of me in handcuffs in my little pot leaf outfit, and I also wanted to let the officer know it was my first time ever being handcuffed, but neither happened. I stood there very calmly and quietly. I didn’t put up a fight or speak any foul language, and I fully believe my compliant behavior was due to the fact that I was sober from alcohol.

I was only cuffed for about five minutes, and then released. The officer who issued my citation didn’t even know the address of Cervantes to write on the ticket and I had to tell it to him. He went into my purse to get my ID but he didn’t further search me or ask any questions about the plethora of bright pink containers in my bag, nor was I asked to leave the event. He handed me my ticket and asked, “What won’t you do when you go back in there?”

“Smoke pot!” I replied with a smile.

“That’s right,” he said, and I listened. I refrained from smoking at Cervantes for the rest of the evening and my detainment did not put a damper on my day. At least they were practicing catch and release – it could always be worse. I would love to know exactly how many citations were issued on 4/20? It’s another way the state is making tons of money off the legalization of marijuana, as if I don’t help make them enough money on a regular basis by following their rules and regulations 40 hours/week.


Now I have until May 20th to pay the $135 fine for consuming marijuana in public. If I don’t pay the fine it goes on my credit report. If anyone would like to help contribute, I will be accepting donations via Paypal. Let me know if you’d like my Paypal email address.


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