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Goodbye Flip Phone? December 11, 2013

Filed under: Ain't Life Grand — rovinglady @ 7:58 pm

The camera on my flip phone is about done, and I think it’s time for a no-contract Boost Mobile smartphone.

I have resisted owning a smartphone for as long as they’ve existed.  I have been loyal to my LG flip phone with talk, text and camera capabilities, and it has served me well.  Flip phones are like cockroaches.  I drop my phone at least once a day and the thing never breaks, unless you throw it really hard at, say, a wall.   I have also enjoyed the flip phone’s compact size, as it fits in a pant pocket with ease, and every once in a while it sparks a humorous conversation.


I have been paying $68/month for my no-contract Verizon flip phone, and it’s ridiculous.  I also live without a car, and currently without a compact camera, and I don’t want to do it any longer. Owning a smartphone would really help me get around town, as I am now a member of Occasional Car, Car2Go and Uber.  The thing that scares me about owning a smartphone is Facebook Mobile. That’s actually the #1 thing that has hindered me from already owning one. Obviously I can resist installing the App. I’ll have to see how that goes.

I have until Dec. 18th to make my final smartphone decision.  

The future is calling.




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