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The Coyote King October 8, 2013

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I saw a coyote in nature for the first time last night, if you consider the block I live on in Five Points to be nature, that is.

Photo from Google stock.

Photo from Google stock.

I had gone to Safeway prior to the sighting and couldn’t help but notice a Native American man putting around the store at the same speed as me. We had the exact same hairstyle, so he was hard for me to ignore. We picked out organic fruit near each other, we passed each other in the cracker aisle and we stood in line near each other at check out.

I began to walk home with my five bags of groceries and as I crossed the intersection onto my block an older man in a pickup truck driving toward me pulled over and rolled down his window.

“There’s a coyote down the road,” the man said.

“Really? A coyote?” I asked.

“Yup, he’s right over there. I’ve been watching him,” the man said, “so you might want to watch out.”

“Wait, are you being serious right now?” I asked.

“Yes. There is a coyote on the sidewalk about half a block down and you are headed straight toward him,” the man said.

“Whoa! Guess I’ll cross the street. Thanks,” I said, and with that crossed to the other side.

I continued walking toward my apartment and sure enough I spotted the coyote walking along on the sidewalk across the street, just like the man in the truck promised. The coyote was walking on his side of the street, and I was walking on mine, praying he didn’t want to come say hello.

Suddenly a white cargo van came down the road and stopped at the sight of the coyote. The Native American man was behind the wheel. He opened the car door and whistled at the coyote and tried to lure it toward the van. The coyote wasn’t having it and continued strutting down the street, and the Native American man followed it slowly in his van.

I stopped watching the coyote excitement when I got to my apartment, but the whole situation really baffled me.
I think the coyote may have been the Native American man’s pet and perhaps it was in his van while he shopped in Safeway and it escaped? I really have no idea, but it was the first time I’ve ever seen a coyote in my life, and there it was, on my block in Denver.

I don’t know if the Native American man ever captured the coyote, but I woke up thinking about it and now I can’t get this song out of my head…

“I am the Coyote King, I can do anything!”


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