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Buscapades: One Woman Gathers What Another Woman Spills September 24, 2013

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There was almost a cat fight between the driver and a passenger on the bus from Denver to Boulder last Friday evening, and it all started because the driver got mad at a woman who littered.

I was sitting in the third row on the driver’s side when the bus pulled up to one of the last stops before Boulder along Highway 36. An older woman with tattoos on her neck was waiting to board, but before she got on she threw a piece of trash onto the ground.  

The driver, a middle-aged woman with pigtail braids named Mary, told the litterbug that there was a garbage available on the bus, but the female passenger ignored her and sat down in the front row. Mary got off the bus, picked the trash up from the ground, got back on the bus and dropped it on the woman’s lap. The litterbug did not like this.  She screamed at the bus driver, called her a “stupid ass” and said she disrespected her by throwing garbage at her.

Mary told the woman she shouldn’t have littered and the woman kept shouting, and then Mary said, “Do you wanna fight? Do you wanna fight?”

“No, I don’t want to fight,” the litterbug said, “Just drive me where I need to go.”

The bus rolled along and the litterbug called RTD customer service from her cell phone and told them her side of the story. She started shouting again, which upset Mary who was driving a busload of people, so Mary pulled over and called RTD from the bus phone.   

Mary told the litterbug she called the police and that we were going to have to sit on the side of the road until they arrived. The litterbug demanded to be let off the bus, which she was, and then we carried on the Boulder without her.

When we got to the Boulder Transit Center Mary was very disheveled and forgot to charge us all our fare.  I wanted to tell her that she didn’t disrespect the woman by putting the trash on her lap, rather the woman disrespected everyone on the bus and everyone that she shares planet Earth with by throwing it on the ground, but I didn’t.  I should have, because she may have lost her job over that incident.
I will be sure to look for her on the 16th St. Mall canvassing for Green Peace.


dont litter


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