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Buscapades: Gem Show Miracles September 15, 2013

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I had a little adventure getting to the Denver Gem and Mineral show today. I took the bus in the rain and realized as soon as I got there that I had forgotten my wallet and couldn’t even pay the admission fee. The next bus home wasn’t for 45 minutes, so I called my favorite taxi company, Union Taxi, and arranged to be picked up at the venue. 

My taxi driver was an older white man and I immediately liked him and his New York accent.  If I get in your car and “Althea” is playing, you’re going to be on my good side.  He was listening to the Grateful Dead channel on Sirius, and he asked me if I was a hooper, because I looked too young to have ever seen the Grateful Dead.  We talked about the upcoming Furthur at Red Rocks run and he said he’s been seeing The Dead for 45 years.  I told him I spent a lot of money to see Phish recently (Go, Tahoe!) so I don’t own any Furthur tickets, and he said that’s OK because it doesn’t matter what jam band I see, as long as I help keep the scene going.

Once home I debated about going back to the gem show.  I told myself I might not make the bus, I shouldn’t spend more money since I had to pay for the cab, and that it was raining out so I’d be wet when I got there.  Luckily I ignored my inner nay-sayer (fuck off, bitch,) made the next bus with minutes to spare and met my gem show miracle-maker, Ann.

Ann and I both wore ponchos, both took up two seats on the bus instead of one and both got off at the stop in front of the Expo Center.

“Are you going to the show?”  She asked me.

I affirmed.

“This weather is just terrible,” she said as we waited to cross the street. 

“I’m getting a car,” she said.  “If I had a car I could have hopped on the highway and been here a while ago, but I took the bus and it took me almost three hours to get here.”

“I hear ya, Ann.  I don’t have a car, either.  I really didn’t want to go another winter without a car, but I think I might have to,” I said. Then I told her about my escapde getting to the gem show, in an attempt to make her feel better.

“Aw, you don’t have a car, either?”  she asked.  “How much did that taxi cost you today?” 

“Fifteen dollars,” I said, and then she flashed me her wholesale license.

“You can come in with me, that way you won’t have to pay for admission,” Ann said; so I did. 

I skipped the ($6) admission fee, then ran into a friend who owns Luster Fine Minerals in Denver and told him I was looking for kyanite rings, so he got me a guest pass to the wholesale jewelry show where I ended up buying three rings (two turquois and one moonstone, didn’t find kyanite), a bracelet and a pendant (on top of the three pendants and four bracelets I bought yesterday!)
This was my third consecutive year attending the Denver Gem and Mineral Show, and this year turquoise seemed to be my stone of choice. 

Each year after the show I tell myself I am going to (A) take jewelry-making classes and (B) attend the Tucson Gem and Mineral Show, and maybe this year will be the year I do it! 

Then I can get my own wholesale license…


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