Rocky Mountain Ramblings

Life in the Bike Lane: Jersey Girl is Out and On the Loose June 13, 2013

Filed under: Bikecapades,Life in the Bike Lane — rovinglady @ 12:26 pm

I punched a Mercedes Benz while bicycling today, and it felt good.  The driver of the car ignited a sense of rage in me when she stopped for a red light completely on top of the crosswalk I was waiting to cross, so I laid a nice, solid pound with my fist on the hood of her precious vehicle as I passed. There was no reason for her to have her car over the crosswalk because she was waiting to go straight; it’s not like she was creeping up to turn right, and there was plenty of room behind her to back up, but she didn’t, so I punished her.

I hope I pissed her off more than she pissed me off. 



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