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I Love My Job. April 14, 2013

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It’s 4/20 week, and I’m about as excited as I get for an upcoming concert run or music festival! The first legal Cannabis Cup will be hosted in Denver this weekend, and I will get paid to work at it. I kid you not, I live a life thousands of people dream about, and millions of people can’t even imagine.

For the past 20+ months I have worked full-time for a popular medical marijuana dispensary in Denver. I have been with the company through growth, expansion and Cannabis Cup awards, and I pretty much have one of the best jobs on the planet.

Everyday at work I get to run a store and practice customer service. I utilize skills of retail management, organization and communication, I am learning new things and I am living an awesome life. Oh, I’m also a notary.

Cannabis Striper.

Cannabis Striper.

Besides the incredibly amazing cannabis, hash and edibles that we dispense, I am blessed to work amongst such interesting and inspiring co-workers. I am constantly surrounded by artists, athletes, entrepreneurs, gardeners, builders, parents, yo-yo champions, intelligent beings, and best of all, music junkies. We’re all different, but we’re all the same; we all love cannabis and we all love our jobs.


When I decided I wanted to enter the medical marijuana industry I thought it’d be a good way to meet people. I had friends when I moved out to Denver, but now my job is a huge social outlet for me and I am able to converse with sometimes up to 100 different patients a day. It’s a very unique customer service position because for the most part, the shoppers are in a very positive and happy mood when they come in.

“How are you today?” I will ask, and I often receive the reply, “Better, now that I’m here!” – Seriously, how many people reading this hear someone say that regularly? I hear it multiple times A DAY!

There’s a great variety of people who chose to use cannabis, and this is evident in the conversations I have each day. Through my job I have met published writers, lawyers, a doctor who believes marijuana helped her son get through high school, musicians, managers of musicians, cancer patients, sufferers of MS and other irreversible diseases, friends of Snoop, artists and art dealers, clothing designers, graphic designers, hustlers, ex-drug addicts, broke single mothers, well-off married mothers, a woman in her 60s who has been with her husband since age 16 and he is on a heart transplant list and she sits in his hospital room every night…

It’s amazing. I’ve never felt so blessed in my work. One of my favorite things to hear patients say is that they have ELIMINATED some or all prescription drugs from their lives. Medical marijuana is helping so many people, and I am a part of it. I had an office job through a temp agency when I first moved to Denver, and I hated it. I would cry on the way to work, I would sneak out early and I kept so quiet so that none of the other cubicle dwellers knew “what I was really like,” because I figured it would cost me my job.

But now! Now, I have a job that celebrates who I am. I can wear whatever I want, I can say whatever I want and I can do whatever I want, all within reason, of course. I am following a passion, and it is leading to overwhelming feelings of freedom, creativity and happiness. It’s all because I followed my heart.


I read something in Julia Cameron’s book “The Artist’s Way” before I moved to Denver. I read, “Leap, and a net will appear,” and I listened. Of course I wondered what people (my parents, people from my hometown,) would think of me, but ultimately, I didn’t care. I am thrilled I have a job I actually look forward to going to everyday. With this job I’ve never once said, “I don’t want to go to work today.”


~~For you listening pleasure, Yonder Mountain String Band “Blue Collar Blues” -AKA- I LOVE MY JOB! ~~Notice the video length is 4:20? Coincidence? I think not.


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