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Pizza, Pizza! April 6, 2013

Filed under: Ain't Life Grand — rovinglady @ 7:21 pm

I received one of the most amusing and memorable compliments of my life last night. I was at the Bluetech/Random Rab show at Cervantes, who I’d honestly never heard of, but apparently a lot of people listen to because the venue was beyond sold out. It was a fun time, but I would have had a much better experience if I had more dancing room.

I had a slight snack attack during setbreak so I bought a slice of Magoo’s pizza and brought it upstairs to chow down, where I hoped there’d be more space.

I was standing alone eating pizza when Random Rab started playing. I was probably dancing and eating at the same time, because that’s one of my favorite things to do, when some guy walked by and we made eye contact. I was in the middle of taking a huge bite of pizza when our eyes locked, and he smiled and said, “That’s what I like about you! Your energy! You’re always dancing! You’re always ready to rage!”

I chewed my food then asked his name, and he told me we’d met before. I felt bad because I didn’t recognize him, and he carried on his way.

I ended up leaving the show early and felt like I overpaid for my experience, but quickly realized receiving a respectful compliment while stuffing my face with pizza actually made standing in a meat locker for my Friday night out completely worthwhile.

This photo was not taken at Cervantes.

This photo was not taken at Cervantes.


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