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Cashier of the Year March 24, 2013

Filed under: Ain't Life Grand — rovinglady @ 9:03 pm

I think I just had a religious experience with the 6’3” African American cashier at Safeway, my local grocery store.

I suddenly started coughing while he was scanning my groceries, and I reached for the Odwalla juice I had been drinking in the store.

“Oh my!” the cashier said, “drink your tea, mama, drink your tea!”

I sipped my non-tea beverage without comment, and the cashier carried on.

“Sounds like you have that nasty bug that’s going around,” he said to me, even though I only coughed because my throat was dry.

“Everyone I know has it,” he continued. “Oh dear, it’s terrible. You should put a Halls cough drop in hot tea as soon as you get home, mama.”

He seemed so genuinely concerned about my well-being that I didn’t want to tell him I wasn’t sick, and I said I would try his suggestion.

He smiled and said, “Alright, you’re perfect!” as he helped load bags into my cart, and then told me I was “perfect” again as he collected payment.

“One last thing you should try,” he said before I walked away, “is putting Vick’s Vapor Rub on the bottom of your feet. It will pull the germs right out of you!”

I again said I would try his suggestion, and he sent me off with the well-wishes of a preacher.

“Blessings, mama! Have a wonderful night! Please be sure to drink lots of tea! I hope you’re feeling better in no time!”

All I have to say about this situation is that it never would have happened in New Jersey.


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