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Buscapades: Awesome Like Sunday Morning March 10, 2013

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Snapping this alright-photo of Denver was by far the best part of my public transit commute to work this morning. The rest of it was dictated by the bus gods, and they seemed to be in a feisty mood. I think they were trying to break my spirit, but it didn’t work, so, HAH!


I left my house early to catch the bus and was off to a good start, daylight savings time and all. I was up, ready and out the door by 8:05 AM, which was really 7:05 AM because of the time change, and I was feeling good inside and happy with my actions.

I took a bus I’ve only taken once or twice before and I tried to pay attention for my transfer stop, but there was a road closure and the bus had to re-route, which threw both me and the driver off course. I didn’t know where we were, and the bus went right past the intersection I needed without my knowledge. It would have helped if the driver had announced the stops over the intercom like his job requires of him, but there were only two passengers on the bus, and I guess he figured it was a waste of energy to do such a task. Therefore, I rode along and watched unfamiliar street signs roll by until I got up and asked the driver if the bus was passing by Colorado Blvd (because that was the intersection I needed).

“Oh, we passed that a while ago. It’s back 15 blocks. Sorry about that,” he said.

Uhhh, ok?

Somehow I didn’t get that mad. Maybe it’s the yoga I started doing, or the Schizandra berry capsules I’ve been popping.

The driver suggested I ride on with him to his final stop where he would turn around and head back toward Colorado Blvd, and I obliged.

The bus had to sit parked for ten minutes before we turned back, and I used this opportunity to step off and hit my Cloud vape pen in the fresh morning air. I noticed that it seemed like a beautiful day was in store.

On the ride back to Colorado Blvd I made sure to pay close attention to the street signs and I even requested my stop ahead of time. The bus I was on got stuck at a red light at the Colorado Blvd intersection, and the bus I needed to catch had the green light and went barreling through the intersection. The driver of my bus laid on his horn and tried to get the Colorado Blvd bus to wait for me, but it didn’t. It pulled away from the stop as I was getting off my bus.

“Sorry,” the driver said to me again, and he gave me a transfer ticket with an extended time. I thanked him, but a few free ride tickets would have been preferred.

I had a half hour to kill on Colorado Blvd waiting for the next bus, and I tried not to get pissed, and I tried not to wonder how many people public transit has screwed over or how many of its passengers’ days have been ruined because of it. I also thought long and hard about hitch hiking and wondered if today would finally be the day I do it, but it wasn’t.

Instead I started walking, and soon found myself near the Nature and Science Museum, where I snapped the attached landscape photo of snowy Denver.

I made it to work 45 minutes late, which was annoying because if my bus route had gone as planned I would have arrived 15 minutes early, and at the rate of being 45 mins late I could have just paid a taxi to pick me up at home and drop me off at work.

Oh, well. That’s why I’m awesome, awesome like Sunday morning…!


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