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Buscapades: Camel Walk. (I Like To Ride My Bicycle) July 17, 2012

Filed under: Buscapades — rovinglady @ 11:38 am

“Thanks for doing your job,” I said to the driver with a perfect jersey girl snarl as I threw my change into the ticket machine on Denver RTD’s bus #1 this morning.

“You fucking suck,” I added, loud enough for everyone to hear, and then I took a seat in direct view of the driver’s rearview mirror. I’m sure he could see the rage venting off me the whole time I was on his bus.

I was pissed because the driver went zooming by my stop in a 25 MPH neighborhood, even though I was visibly waiting right next to the bus stop sign. He must have looked in his rearview after he passed and saw me standing in the street with my arm held high and giving him the middle finger, because he stopped the bus half a block up and waited for me to board.

The driver tried to laugh his slacking off as I boarded, but I wasn’t feelin’ his humor. I did, however, wonder how humorous he would find it if I made a call then and there to RTD customer service to complain about the driver’s inability to carry out the duties of his job, but there were a fair amount of people on the bus and I didn’t want to subject them to anymore of my bad vibes. (I’m sure they were already wondering what was up my ass.)

I put my cell phone away and turned my iPod on full blast, and I thought about apologizing to the driver before I got off the bus, to add positivity to our encounter since I’m sure his life is no easier than mine, but I didn’t. I decided not calling his boss to complain was nice enough.

I got out the back entrance when the bus got to my stop and I did not say bye or thank the driver for his ride. I was being a bitch because I was pissed I even had to ride the bus. I own two bikes, both of which are now busted, and few things make me more mad than not being able to go where I want, when I want (or need) to go.

As I walked from the bus stop to work I was fuming, but I decided to walk around a different block and I was stopped in my tracks by the awesomeness of these flowers, and it lightened my heart.

When I got to work I found out I was there early so I went to the park and wrote this blog, and I am no longer pissed. Soon both of my shitty bikes will be replaced by one good bike, and I will be hell on wheels.

Until then, guess I’ll be doing the old Camel Walk…


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