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The Penny Epiphany May 22, 2012

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Riddle me this, kindergarten teacher. Twenty plus years ago you taught my class the rhythmic saying, “Find a penny, pick it up, then all day you’ll have good luck,” but you did not tell us why.

This phrase has not migrated from my memory, and it automatically sprints out of my subconscious every time I see a minted piece of copper on the ground (Lincoln-side up, of course). I never thought much about how the act of picking up a penny could possibly bring good luck to someone’s day; until yesterday.

Yesterday I had my Penny Epiphany.

I was about to return to work after my lunch break when I spotted an old, rusty penny on the ground in the parking lot out back. I wasn’t planning on being brilliant at that exact moment, but the instant I saw the coin I thought of the phrase, and then like a penny dropped from the top of the Empire State Building onto a passerby on the street below, the Penny Epiphany hit me.

The reason why picking up a penny off the ground and putting in your pocket can bring your day good luck is simply because YOU THINK IT SO! If you think your day has good luck, then by golly, it does!

The penny phrase is a sneaky way to get the sheeple thinking positively. Pennies on the ground are a common occurrence, something the average human has potential to see on a daily basis. If every person who saw a penny on the ground picked it up and sent out the positive vibe that his or her day has good luck, think of all the amazing energy that would be emitted into the universe. Many people would be happy, many would feel rich and many would find that by some ‘fucking miracle,’ their day is actually going rather well.

Superstitions aside, it doesn’t matter what object you pick up and put in your pocket to bring your day good luck; what matters is that you THINK your day has good luck. It doesn’t matter if you physically bend down and pick up the penny to improve your day, but if you need a physical object to make the abstract thoughts a little more realistic, then go with it!

…Nothing quite like the satisfaction of bringing a kindergarten lesson full circle, ay?

*photo from Google Images


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