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Buscapades: True Fact: Buses Eat Cell Phones. April 16, 2012

Filed under: Buscapades — rovinglady @ 9:54 am

I have now lost three cell phones to Denver’s public transit system. Three cell phones in four months, all of which got lost after falling out of my pocket either on the bus or at the stop. Right now I’m not only pissed that I take the bus and walk all over the fucking place, but now I’m fucking phoneless again. The first two times I lost my phone I didn’t care. The first phone came back to me, and the second one was replaced through insurance.

When I realized last night that I’d lost my third phone only three days after replacing it, I immediately started laughing, but the laughter quickly turned to anger, and then to tears. I actually cried myself to sleep last night, woke up and puked for two hours, fell back asleep, woke up and cried again. I know it’s only a cell phone and I’m not actually upset over the missing object, I’m upset that my life isn’t easy, and I’m mad at people who get things handed to them.


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