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Buscapades: The Law of Attraction; Forever Grateful, Forever Flair March 16, 2012

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On the walk from my house to the bus stop early yesterday morning I found myself in a marvelous mood. I was happy it was Phil Lesh’s 72nd birthday, and even happier when Furthur’s version of “Sitting on Top of the World” came on my iPod shuffle. I sang along as I skipped down the street and appreciated the world, and then had a random thought of the time Blair asked me if I have any bus friends.

I specifically thought about the way I replied to Blair’s question. I remember I said “no!” in an incredulous tone that would suggest, “of course I don’t have bus friends, nor would I consider making any. This is a temporary way of life for me.”

Right as I finished that thought I arrived to the bus stop and my eyes fixed on the only other human being standing there. It was a white dude in his mid-20s wearing brown penny loafers, blue jeans, a black North Face soft shell jacket and a red flat brim hat. In the light of the rising sun I could see this fellow had three pieces of flair on his hat. The pieces of flair were in fact pins, and one of those pins was in fact a Steal Your Face. I couldn’t quite make out the other two, but they were definitely jam band-related.

Photo by Pauly Pins

I automatically smiled and uttered “Are you fucking kidding me,” but he didn’t hear me because he had headphones on, which were connected to his iPhone, which his hand and eyes were glued to. Right as I was thinking about not having bus friends, there in front of my face is someone that probably lives in my neighborhood and I would probably be friends with. I thought it was cool.

I boarded the bus before him and headed to the back. So did he. We ended up sitting in seats across from each other and I kept sneaking glances at his pins. He never lost interest in his iPhone, but that didn’t stop me from flashing him the picture of Jerry Garcia that I happen to carry in my wallet.

He averted his eyes for just long enough to glace at the photo, smile and say “nice!” and then went back to staring at his iPhone; but I bet he won’t forget that moment. Perhaps it changed the course of his day. Perhaps I provided that head with flair with his first buscapade…


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