Rocky Mountain Ramblings

Experimenting With Public Health February 24, 2012

I currently don’t have health insurance or rise to 250% above poverty level, so I have decided to milk the city of Denver and take advantage of its public healthcare system. The city has a few programs available to assist its uninsured citizens, and after a brief meeting with Denver Health Enrollment Services it is determined which program the applicant qualifies for. The program options are: Medicaid, Child Health Plan Plus (CHP+), The Denver Health Financial Assistance Program (DFAP), and the one I am taking advantage of, the Colorado Indigent Care Program (CICP).

The CICP allows me financial deductions, assistance and coverage at Denver Health’s hospital, emergency room and various clinics for one full year. I have been set up with a program that provides me with copayments for primary care and specialty clinics, prescriptions, ambulance rides and the emergency room. I even have a payment cap at the ER so that if I need an expensive procedure I will never be billed any more than $2,500.

It’s very nice of Denver to offer this assistance, even though I did a Google search on “Denver Health awards” and really found nothing on the hospital worth bragging about. Either way, this public healthcare program is certainly better than nothing. The only major downside I see to it, aside from having to deal with the slightly lower class accommodations of public clinics, is that I have to use Denver Health. So, if I get hurt snowboarding in the mountains, I have to make it back to Denver. If I get hurt in Denver, I have to hope I have enough life in me to tell whoever to make sure I get taken to Denver Health, over near 6th and Bannock…

If anyone reading this is curious as to whether they can utilize one of Denver’s public healthcare programs, I suggest calling enrollment services when it opens at 8AM to schedule an appointment for the following week. To find out who to call, what to bring and where to go, click here!

Good luck, happy health and Thank You, Denver!


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