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Buscapades: Back Flips and Black Combs February 1, 2012

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Yesterday morning while waiting at a stop for a connecting bus to work, I found myself staring at a stone garbage can and imagining what it would be like if I could run a few steps up to the can and then do a back flip off it. I thought it would surely be physically awesome if I could do that, and would both surprise and impress all my other comrades who were waiting for the bus.

That reminds me – Over the weekend my friend Blair asked me if I have any “bus friends.” That really got me laughing. No, I do not have any bus friends. Despite me time and time again displaying tendencies to befriend people any and everywhere, I have not yet found a soul I connect with on my bus travels. I did one time run into an old co-worker, though…

Anyway, the back flip topic. After I arrived to work yesterday and had been there several hours, a familiar customer who happens to be a New Jersey native and who happens to be named something along the lines of Matthew Matthews came into the store. While I was in the middle of helping Matthew Matthews he randomly confided in me that he learned how to do a standing back flip that very morning.

A standing back flip? Really? After I had JUST been thinking that I wish I could do one? I glanced at the cement floor behind him, and then back to Matthew Matthews. I very badly wanted to ask him to show me his new tumbling routine, but I envisioned him breaking his neck in the store.

I went ahead asked anyway. Not only did he more than want to show us his back flip, but he said he was 100% positive he would not get hurt, and he was right. Matthew Matthews indeed did a standing back flip in front of my eyes only a few hours after picking up the skill, and I “wha hooo’d” for him. If only I took a pic…

At least I got a pic of the black comb.

Last night on the bus ride home from work there was a black comb on the floor by my feet. It was one of those combs that barbers keep in a container of solvent at the shop and are otherwise only actually used by men who are 50+ years of age.

A homeless man got on the bus and walked past me, and then turned around and stopped to ask if I had dropped my comb. I had to refrain from laughing, and kindly told him that it was not mine. (I can only imagine what combing three-foot long hair with that tool would be like.) The man left the comb laying there for the time, but I’m willing to bet he ground scored it the second I got off the bus.

One man gathers what another man spills…


2 Responses to “Buscapades: Back Flips and Black Combs”

  1. Mike R Says:

    I know that Matt M. /Joe J. back flippin Kid from Point Pleasant! And he is in recovery mode with eyes open giving thumbs up as of Mar 1!
    Thanks for caring…

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