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Buscapades: Snow, Strawberry Shortcake and High Noon January 12, 2012

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I’d been thinking that I haven’t had many buscapades lately, but there’s no way that can be true. The other day it was snowing and I had the opportunity to really embrace winter at one of it’s ripest times by standing in the blistering cold under a bus stop shelter at a Colfax intersection with 15 of Denver’s finest bus-riding citizens for half an hour. I’ve officially become one of those people that just stands on the side of the street and stares at the on-coming traffic, waiting for the relief that the sight of the expected bus’s headlights brings. It’s probably not my most flattering trait.

Taking the bus in the snow is not fun. They drive very slowly and are completely off schedule. If you have to deal with connecting busses you better not have anything too important planned, because you WILL be late. Winter public transit tends to be cold and messy, and a word to the wise is to stand as far away from the street as possible while waiting for a bus, because car tires like to splash up lots of wet and slushy material onto the sidewalk (and any object that happens to be in its path.)

One little (positive?) recent bus memory that I love and find myself re-telling time and time again occurred a week or so ago around 11 AM on the Colfax route. My interest had been piqued by a white man in his mid-60s whose long hair, laid-back demeanor and rugged look made me think he had probably spent many years living on the beach or in the mountains, or both.

This guy was very talkative and it was apparent through eavesdropping on his conversation that he was a regular on the line. As luck would have it, he ran into an old buddy and they began catching up across the aisle, loud and clear for anyone to hear. I listened as my guy started to tell his friend how he has been out of work, and watched as my guy turned away from the conversation and stared out the bus window into the sky, though still talking. I was wondering what the fuck he was doing, but figured it out when he looked back to his buddy and said he had to “call a guy at high noon about a potential job.”

The unemployed guy on the Colfax bus was hoping to score a job by judging what time he called the hiring man off the positioning of the sun in the sky. Part of me thought this was ridiculous, and part of me loved it. High noon, I’m going to remember that one. I hope my bro found some cash flow…

…And then there was this guy.

This guy got on the bus at the stop in front of a grocery store in my neighborhood one day, and you should have seen him struggle to load his “cart with groceries” onto the bus. I don’t know why he didn’t just ask the driver to lower the ramp for him, but he bumped around and lugged this cart up the stairs of the bus, and we all waited for him to do so, and what did I see he had in his cart when he finally took a seat in front of me? A huge case of Coca-Cola and all the necessary supplies to feed a small army with strawberry shortcake.

Ain’t that just fuckin’ fantastic? Party at his place…


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