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Buscapades: Public Transit a Free Dating Service? December 12, 2011

Filed under: Buscapades — rovinglady @ 1:38 pm

One morning on the 40 bus a lower class looking fellow in a windbreaker suit with sandals and gross toenails struck up conversation with an attractive and middle-aged woman riding two rows behind him.

“Hello!” He hollered to her cross the rows of riders between them.  “What’s your name?”

“Michelle,” the woman replied.  

“Hi Michelle, I’m Bob.” he said.  “Are you heading to King Soopers grocery store?”

“No, I’m not,” Michelle replied.

Bob then got up and staggered over and sat in the empty seat directly next to her. I personally would have been a little creeped out by Bob’s conversation and seat change, but Michelle remained kind and receptive to his conversation attempts.  

Bob asked Michelle what she was doing that day, and she responded that she was going shopping with a girl friend.  Michelle asked Bob what he was doing, and he said he was riding the bus to the “lottery office” to cash in his “winning lottery tickets” that supposedly totaled somewhere around $12,000. 

“Oh, that’s wonderful,” Michelle said.  “What will you do with your winnings?”

At first Bob said he would buy a car so that he didn’t have to ride the bus anymore, but then he looked concerned.

“How will I meet people like you if I’m not riding the bus?” Bob inquired of Michelle.

Michelle suggested that perhaps some days he can drive his car and on other days he can ride the bus.

“I know what I’ll do,”  Bob said.  “I’ll drive my car to the park-and-ride and continue riding the bus everyday, then if I meet a nice girl on the bus I can tell her that I have a car and offer to drive her somewhere.”

That’s quite the plan Bob had.  Regardless of whether or not he bought a car with his so called winnings, I hope he at least updated his wardrobe…


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