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Buscapades: Fuck, I Lost My Phone December 12, 2011

Filed under: Buscapades — rovinglady @ 1:49 pm

This past weekend I had an early morning buscapade that resulted in me losing my cellular flip phone. The whole situation was ridiculous, really…as my life tends to be. But it makes me laugh, and laughing is good for the soul.

I had gone out to celebrate a friend’s birthday at Pete’s Monkey Bar and planned on catching the last bus home, which of course required a transfer. I successfully got off the first bus and was drunk texting as I was waiting for my connection, but right as I saw the bus coming toward me I realized I was standing at the wrong stop and had to dash across an intersection and sprint up the road to the stop I was supposed to be at. I arrived to the stop at precisely the same moment as the bus and got on.

As soon as I paid my fare and sat down I realized I was missing my phone and knew it fell out of my jacket pocket when I was running. I started cursing over my missing phone, and then asked two guys sitting near me what they thought I should do about it. I considered getting off the bus to look for it, but it was the last bus to my neighborhood so the two guys and I decided that staying on was probably a better idea.

As the bus rolled on I continued talking with the two guys and showed them the glass pipe that was still in my pocket, expressing relief that “at least I didn’t lose that.” (Looking back now, above all I should have been glad I didn’t lose my bus fare.) It turned out the two guys were brothers. The younger brother had a cane and tried to say something to me about what I did that night, but I couldn’t understand him. The older brother explained that his younger brother had been shot in the head last year and lost a lot of his motor skills.

“Damn, why’d ya get shot?” I drunkenly inquired. “A street fight?”

The older brother confirmed it was “something like that.”

As it turned out, a drunk college girl found my cell phone and went out of her way to get it back to me. In just a few hours I am going to retrieve said phone at Cheba Hut in Denver, of all places. Just another reason why I fucking love life.


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