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Buscapades: A Bus Love Story December 12, 2011

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This past Friday I had the pleasure of hearing a bus love story on the 38 line. I took off my headphones and found myself in the middle of a conversation between the two strangers across from me. An older black woman was telling a younger “ex gang-banger” white man how she was en route to pick up her grandbabies to get them something to eat. She said the grandbabies were under the care of their other grandmother, and even though that woman “lives in her own wing of a house and has servants,” she doesn’t feed the grandbabies enough food. She said the other grandmother makes the young siblings share one burrito, and they are forced to satisfy the rest of their appetite with cereal.

The white guy sympathized with the woman and said that he himself eats about $40 worth of cereal each week, and it’s just not enough. “You need meat, too” he said. He told the woman it was nice to hear she was trying to help out her grandkids, as he sometimes has to ask to borrow milk, sugar or a box of Hamburger Helper from one of his neighbors in order to get by.

These two strangers and I all got off at the same stop to transfer busses, and while we were waiting the guy continued to tell the woman and I how he met his wife on the #10 bus, and we were actually standing at “their stop” at that very moment. The guy explained that he had been riding on the bus and was advising a 14 year-old gang banger to make different choices and change his ways so that he didn’t end up serving ten years in prison like he had. After he was done talking to the teenager he laid eyes on his future wife and they started talking and really “hit it off.” The guy said he walked his future wife to her bicycle after they got off the bus, but he didn’t ask for her number.

As fate would have it, a few weeks later they found themselves on the same bus again and voila, now they’re married….which reminds me of another one of my favorite buscapade stories…


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