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That Cat Wins. April 28, 2011

Filed under: Ain't Life Grand — rovinglady @ 2:07 pm

The neighbors a few houses up from mine provide a home to a very curious and peculiar white and grey kitty cat. On one of the first days I was living in this house I came home to find the cat perched up in the branches of the tree of my front yard.

“Uh, do you think that cat’s OK out there in the tree?” I asked my roommate, making sure we didn’t need to call the fire department to come rescue the thing.

“Oh yeah, that’s Ed. He’s a nice cat. He always climbs the tree,” my roommate replied.

And so I met Ed.

I haven’t spent much time with Ed, but it is incredibly obvious he is very in tune with the world. He’s always out and about. Last week I watched him examine a car that had just parked, smelling all sorts of shit, including the exhaust pipe.

If ever Ed and I are out front at the same time he always come trotting over to say hello and check out what’s going on. I’ve had to deny him entrance into the house, and I’ve seen him at the window of my bottom floor bedroom. He seems like the most alert cat I’ve ever encountered. He probably gets into all sorts of mischief.

Just last night I witnessed Ed perform his greatest act of glory I have seen thus far. I watched from a distance as he darted back and forth across the road and around a tree. He then sprung onto the tree and was racing up it, when suddenly he lunged into a back flip off the tree trunk and landed perfectly on all fours.

Ed immediately proceeded to dash back across the street, skillfully beating out the two cars coming from both directions. His performance ended on his own front yard, sitting on the edge of the grass, calmly surveying the situation.

Fucking Ed. That cat wins.


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