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The Law of Attraction! (B+!) March 31, 2011

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The Law of Attraction.  Positive attracts positive, negative attracts negative, things that are positive have a higher energy level, things that are negative have a lower energy level.  It’s pretty simple in theory, but how about when you autonomously attempt to apply that law to affect the way your brain functions? To only have positive thoughts, and therefore positive vibes, and therefore positive results in what the universe delivers to you on a daily basis? 

I’m attempting to give this a whirl, and it definitely takes effort.  And strength.  And inspiration! I’ve always been aware of some sort of law of attraction, I’ve thought incidents that have occurred were “meant to be” or “cosmic,” but it is only within the last week that I have been reading a book on the subject, and the concept has been consuming my mind at almost all times.

Since reading the book I have been trying to turn all my thoughts into positive statements, and I have been taking great notice of occurrences that can be attributed to the Law of Attraction.  I am going to write about them, because focusing on the groovy things that happened to me will make me have positive thoughts…and positive vibes…and positive results.  B Positive, just like my blood type.  =).


Well!  It was on Monday of this week that I did a lot of reading in the book “Law of Attraction” by Michael J. Losier, and it really made me think of my friend Craig.  The book suggests that when an event happens, instead of being a “coincidence,” it’s actually caused by the Law of Attraction. For example, say you were thinking of an old friend, and they call you later that day, or you bump into them on the street or at the store.

“Dude!” you exclaim.  “That’s so funny.  I was just thinking about you!” 

 Shit like that always happens with Craig and I, and wouldn’t you know, after doing a lot of reading on Monday, he called me.  Craig and I talked on the phone for over an hour that night, and it was one of the best conversations we’ve had in a long time.  We had a very good catch-up, and he even played harmonica for me over the phone like he used to do when we were able to hang out.  I almost felt like we were together, conversing over a beer or four. 

Craig was talking to me from his house phone in California, and he had to put me on hold twice.  Each time he put me on hold he put the phone next to his computer, which was playing music from Pandora Radio.  The first time he put me on hold, Waylon Jennings’ version of “Mama Tried” came on, and that right there was a Law of Attraction.  Not only did the artist have the same last name as my dear friend, but Craig and I both have a very special place in our hearts for that song.  The next time he put me on hold Charlie Daniels’ “Long Haired Country Boy” came on, and that just tickled me beyond belief.  If you know Craig and you know that song, you know why it was meaningful. 

 **Side note** Post writing this piece this morning but prior to publishing it, I received a text from Kristin that said while she was on hold on a business call the song playing was Grateful Dead’s version of “Good Lovin’.”  I then received a call at my desk from Tim (story to follow) who immediately started saying how disappointed he was he missed out of seeing Furthur play “Good Lovin'” last night. THEN, as I was reviewing this one more time this evening, “Good Lovin'” came on Pandora..

 Moving on to Wednesday!  That was a very awesome and magnetic day for me.  It started in the morning when I arrived to work and had e-mail from a fellow I will call Tim who lives on the East Coast and is very much into the Grateful Dead and Furthur.  I met him a few months ago, as he was in town for a work event and stayed extra long to catch Furthur at Broomfield.  We bonded quickly.

 I replied to his e-mail with a brief update on my life, and I then went to buy some oatmeal from the company cafeteria.  The cashier at the company cafeteria is always very jolly and lately has been sharing with me his “fun facts of the day.”  On Wednesday his fun fact had to do with “The 27 Club,” or all the musicians who have died at age 27.  I told cashier I have been thinking about that club because I just turned 27, and we then started listing people who are members of it.  We were stumped after only a handful of names, and the cashier said, “Oh, and one of the founding members of the Grateful Dead is in it…”

 “PIG PEN!” I shouted with probably way too much enthusiasm for the company cafeteria.  I couldn’t help myself; when I get excited, I get excited.  The cashier was impressed I knew the name, and I confided in him that I love the Grateful Dead.  I then rambled on back to my cube and had another reply e-mail from Tim, and this one essentially invited me to be his “play date” for two Furthur shows in San Francisco in June. I’m not even quite sure what that means, but it seems like a good deal for me, and the opportunity just so happen to present itself right after I had emitted happy, excited vibes at the thought of Pig Pen (dead though he may be.) 

It’s not like the trip is set in stone, but it’s an idea, and I like that it was offered. I couldn’t help but smile at lunch when Furthur’s version of “New Minglewood Blues” came on my I-Pod shuffle, “I’m goin to San Francisco, even if I have to crawl, cause the women in San Francisco sure know how to ball…”

After work on Wednesday my friend had two free passes to see a movie involving the music of the Grateful Dead and other bands/artists from the late 60s called “The Music Never Stopped.”  Not only did the main character shout out “Pig Pen!” during the Grateful Dead concert scene, but he also loved and responded well to Bob Dylan’s song “Desolation Row.” For some reason hearing “Desolation Row” in the movie at the theater made me so very happy.  I loved the film and arrived home in great spirits, which were lifted even higher when I discovered a package had arrived for me that day. The package contained some fun goodies from two of my best lady friends in NJ and made me so happy I thought I wasn’t going to be able to fall asleep.  But I did. 

 One last thing I have to write about is my baseball Law of Attraction incident.  Two baseball seasons ago I decided I “liked” the Mets; mostly because a few of my good friends do and I thought it would be entertaining, and also because I love NYC.  I obtained a Mets t-shirt some where along the way, and though I rarely wear it, I really feel it makes me an official fan.  Last weekend I was thinking I would like to wear my Mets t-shirt to work on April 1 for Opening Day, but I wasn’t sure it would be appropriate, even with the company’s “casual Friday” leniency.  It occurred to me to suggest to the admin who one time sent out an e-mail from the “Fun Committee” that they make Friday baseball t-shirt day.  Before I knew it, I was on a chain e-mail with eleven other people that apparently comprise this truly existing Fun Committee, and the admin told everyone about my suggestion and they all agreed it was a great idea. 

Just today my boss told me I am going to be the Marketing Representative for the Fun Committee, as I seem to have very creative ideas.  Shortly after I received this news, we members of the Fun Committee received word one of the members has to resign.  The leader of the Fun Committee said it is with “perfect timing” that I am joining their forces.  I prefer to call it the Law of Attraction. 

In addition to all of this happening TODAY, I went to the cafeteria to make an afternoon cup of tea and my Good Earth tea bag quote read,

“I have only one superstition.  I touch all the bases when I hit a home run.” – Babe Ruth.

May the forces be with you!



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