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A Fun Weekend & An Unforgettable Friend (Mr. Casey August West Jones) December 13, 2010

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I have been living in Denver for 15 weekends now, and it has occurred to me that not a single one of those has been a “bad weekend.” There are so many fun, beautiful and amazingly awesome people in this region, and they make every time I go out memorable and fantastic. I love it. There’s not a thing I would change. This place fucking rocks!

This weekend I celebrated the Colorado existence of one of the best people I have ever known in a six week time span, Mr. Casey August West Jones. I am honestly saddened almost to the point of tears to report that his holiday in Denver has come to an end and he will be packing up the wagon and leaving Colorado with one less Subaru. What will we do without him? I am so grateful for the chance to have met and spent time with Casey as he is a true enhancement to any situation.

From the second I met Casey I got great vibes. It was Friday of Halloween weekend and I was meeting some friends at Cervantes for a Peter Rowan and Head for the Hills show. My friend Blair had told me earlier that his friend Casey was driving into town from Michigan and that we would meet up at Cervantes. I arrived to the venue first and was dancing up a storm, unaware that Blair and Casey had arrived. Suddenly there was this fun little long haired fellow in a shimmery cape dancing next to me and I totally dug his groove. The song ended and we clapped and the funky hair shouted out, “I fucking love Coloradooo!!” I turned around to tell him that I too fucking love Colorado! I told him that I had just moved to town several weeks prior and I was loving it, what an incredible place! He said he just arrived that day and it was his first time in state. “Wait a minute…where are you from?” I asked. “Michigan,” he said. “Are you Blair’s friend!?” “Yes.” “You’re Blair’s friend!? I’m Blair’s friend! Ahhhhhh!!!!” I was so excited to have met him this way. Then we ran off to find Blair, and the rest is history.

Casey is one of those people that I just instantly click with. It really requires no effort on either of our parts to be friends because we seem to have very similar souls and personalities. I am glad we got to do lots of fun little outings together while he was in town.

We hiked St. Mary’s Glacier, we spontaneously pulled off the side of a road to climb up rocks for a spectacular view, though we were soon informed we were on private property.

We danced to bluegrass, had sing-a-longs to our mutual favorite songs in the car, had Railroad Earth dance party at 3AM and drank plenty of whiskey (and not just any whiskey, but Tennessee Whiskey, Old Number 7).

We caused ruckuses in every store we went in – for some reason cashiers never took a liking to us, and either did bus drivers or passengers, now that I think of it.

One afternoon we went on a sweet drive to Nederland, CO and listened to Yonder Mountain String Band outside of Whistler’s Cafe, the establishment (Casey said) the band members met at, and then our great energies led us to a really heady ground score of a cosmic crystal.

In Nederland we also went thrift store shopping where met an avid tye-dyer/fashion guru, and I saw myself in 30 years in the woman who owned the store (“all these fucking laws!”). Then there was the guy at the thrift store who said he had so much fun at a “big concert” the night before, but he couldn’t remember who he saw when we asked. Nederland is a very interesting town and I am glad I got to go there with a fellow freak magnet!

For the rest of my life I will think of Casey when I think of Nederland and the skirt I bought at the store that day will forever more be considered my Casey skirt. Casey, I will miss you! Please come back soon!

This past weekend I celebrated life in usual style. On Friday night we saw Kyle Hollingsworth Band featuring DJ Logic and Liza Oxnard at Cervantes, and it was funky fantastic.

Hollingsworth is the keyboardist from String Cheese Incident, and Liza Oxnard blew me away with her vocals and guitar playing. I am not used to a girl jamming out on stage at these shows I usually go to and she was very impressive. You can check her out at though the site is a bit outdated. I would most certainly see any and all of the musicians again!

Saturday night we saw Dark Star Orchestra at The Fillmore and they recreated a Grateful Dead show from 11/21/73 at the Denver Coliseum. I have seen Dark Star a bunch of times and I did not think I would be disappointed with the show, and yeah, I was right, they were awesome! I also really like The Fillmore, it is spacious and has huge floor space, plus tons of cool artwork! Drinks are expensive though, and I’ve heard people complain about the sound, but I personally haven’t noticed anything bad about it.

I like how they add their own tastes and twists to the songs and I think their new lead guitar player Jeff Mattson does a stellar role of replicating Jerry Garcia. I was so impressed with the way the show sounded that I searched for it to listen to on the next day. It was not yet posted, though the original show by the Grateful Dead was there. I listened to it and I really actually wanted to hear the Dark Star version. Maybe it’s because I was actually at the Dark Star show and not at the Dead show in 1973, or maybe it’s because I really liked the way Dark Star ended “Wharf Rat”!

The Fillmore has a midnight curfew, so after the show we went across the street to the Grateful Dead bar Sancho’s, where I continued to dance as though I was at a show to the music on the jukebox. I met several interesting characters and ran into this guy that I bought a Phish ticket from for face value day of show off of craigslist back in October. He recognized me, and he told me that he got over 200 replies to his craigslist ad and “for some reason” he picked me because he liked my e-mail. I don’t remember what I said in it, but I’m glad he liked it! Hah. WooOoo. I love this town. In fact, I love it so much I’ve decided to become a Bronco’s fan!

New Year’s Eve weekend is quickly approaching and I am excited that I have so many mind-blowing musical options to chose from. The continental US is going to be rockin’ and rollin’ and shakin’ and flyin’ that weekend…I hope the ground doesn’t cave in! Whatever you do, take care of you (dancin’) shoes!


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