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Movie Review – “Phish 3D” May 10, 2010

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This past weekend I saw “Phish 3D” at the Cinema 12 movie theater in Parsippany, NJ with Wags and Brad. Wags is my friend from college and coincidentally the only person who responded to my Facebook status update that said, “Phish 3D is in Parsippany, who wants to go?” I didn’t think when he replied that it would work out we saw the movie together, especially since I hadn’t even seen the kid in a few years, but wouldn’t you know, that’s how the tale unfolds.

I wasn’t sure if we should have gotten tickets before we went to the theater. Part of me thought it would be sold out, or at least very crowded, but part of me also thought that most heads were probably out doing something a little more fun than seeing Phish footage from the band’s Halloween 2009 festival in the movie theater at 10 PM on a Saturday night. My second presumption proved to be more accurate. I’d say aside from us three, there were about six other people in attendance.

I loaded up on snacks before the show and smuggled them into the theater in my purse. There weren’t too many previews, and no bullshit beginning to the movie. One second I was commenting I want to see the newest “Toy Story” movie, and the next thing I knew I had the closest view ever of the Phish members walking on stage at Indio, CA, the crowd clamored, the beginning chords to “AC/DC Bag” erupted through the surround sound, and I experienced the Phish on the big screen…….while wearing silly 3D glasses that kind of annoyed my vision but were necessary for a clear viewing of the film.

What exactly was 3D about the movie? The balloons in the crowd. Sometimes I felt like I could reach out and touch one, but don’t worry, I never actually tried. The keyboards were 3D, the drums, the disco lights, and the band members from a side view.

Thoughts I had during the movie:

(1) Phish creates such intense music, but they all seem so calm on stage. It’s amazing the sounds, energy and passion they compose by standing there fiddling around on a few instruments!

(2) Phish needs a second drummer. More percussion.
Re: “Undermind.” “Undermind” needs more BOOOOOOOOOOOM!!!!

(3) The movie has very great footage with a pristine, crystal clear view. Incredibly up-close shots and very precise editing! The view of the band is a million times better than one could ever get in concert, even in front row seats. The major downfall is I felt too ridiculous to dance in the aisle, and I felt tortured sitting in a movie theater chair with such powerful music and crowd raging all around me.

(4) “Phish 3D” is a great way to get kids pumped up for tour. I quote myself as saying to Brad during the movie, “If Phish does a festival on the east coast this summer I might have to go. Scratch the ‘might’…..I have to go.”

(5) Considering the low turn-out of the crowd and the incredible quality of the movie, do movie ticket sales even cover what it cost to produce this film? Even though it probably doesn’t matter…….

(6) Negative aspects of the film: For a very short part of the movie the main focus was on a guy who was painting in the crowd, but the videographer shot the guy from the back. You could barely even see what he was painting, and you couldn’t see the stage, all I saw was the back of the guy and his ponytail. The creators went back to this dude and view several times. It just didn’t make sense to me. Maybe somebody knew him. Another negative aspect was the crowd roaring was way too loud for the surround sound. It was ear piercing.

But alas, nothing but love for the Phish……the movie was good and it kept me entertained and well behaved on a Saturday night. Can’t wait til the real thing!!!!!!!


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