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PLeeko @ Blue Ribbon, Branchville, NJ 3/13/10 March 15, 2010

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Last night I saw for my second time the rather “new and upcoming” band PLeeko play at Blue Ribbon Bar and Restaurant in Branchville, NJ. Despite the hurricane-like storm going on outside, a large turn-out of people made great use of the establishment’s spacious dance floor, and PLeeko rocked the house for almost a good four hours. Along with jamfunky originals, they covered a multitude of 80s classic rock party songs to go with the theme of the night, which was“80s dance party.”

As it turned out, not that many people embraced the 80s theme, but look at how festive my friends were! Though I’m not in the picture, I used the night as an excuse to finally pair my grey and white tye-dye stretch pants with brown leg warmers and my new (vintage) Snoopy tank top…an outfit I’d just been dying to wear out of the house.

Blue Ribbon was a great place to see PLeeko. Very large and open, there was no charge to get in, and they have incredibly reasonably priced adult beverages. I never had to wait in line for the bathroom and I felt completely comfortable leaving my jacket and bag unattended while I was shaking my hips on the slippery dance floor. (The floor was soaked all night from the rain and peoples’ shoes…and of course plenty of spilled beer and booze.)

I am really, really feeling this band, PLeeko! Originating from Sussex County, NJ, it is comprised of four guys: Josh Nodarse on guitar and vocals, Nick DeLear on drums and vocals, Erin McKenna on keyboards and vocals and Paul Schmidt on bass and vocals. They are self-described to have a sound that blends jazz, funk and electronica rock, and I completely agree. They no doubt in my mind bear a striking resemblance to both Phish and The Disco Biscuits. PLeeko formed in March of 2009 and is not currently signed on a record label, but they are the kind of band I hope to, would love to and expect to see playing late night shows at festivals across the country soon enough! They send out the vibe that says, “GET DOWN, OR GO HOME!” You dig?

Both times I have seen PLeeko I have had so much fun and found it impossible to ever stop dancing. There’s not many “local bar bands” that have the ability to really get me moving and satisfy me as though I had paid anywhere from $25-$100 to see a “real show” at a “music venue.” Granted, I had to drive 40 minutes both there and back to get to this said “local show”, and with daylight savings occurring this weekend I didn’t get home until 4 AM and had to work in the (late) morning, but it was alllll very well worth it!

Basically, PLeeko rocks, and you should probably try to, or at least hope to, check them out live for your self one day. They have upcoming shows scheduled for almost every weekend for the next six weeks in the northwestern New Jersey / lower New York state area. If you feel like dancing and jamming out and letting your brain travel into space for a few hours, and meeting fun and friendly New Jersey party people, then come on and get your groove on!

And here ya go, a video, because youtube never lets me down.


2 Responses to “PLeeko @ Blue Ribbon, Branchville, NJ 3/13/10”

  1. Josh Nodarse Says:

    I was stumbling around google and found your article…again. A free flow of memories came over me. That was a great night, possible our best. I know this because the recording was lost that evening and there is never proof of the good ones. All we have are some photos and this flattering article. So again, thankyou for your kind words

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