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Monday Morning Entertainment – My Train Station Friend February 1, 2010

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This past Friday I took the 5:42 PM train to NYC, and I decided to go about 40 minutes early and have a beer at the bar connected to the train station before my ride. When I walked into the bar there were only four other people in the entire place, including the bartender. I walked up the few stairs leading to the square shaped bar and chose an immediate seat (right near the stairs) at a corner spot. I ordered a pint of Yuengling. (It was only $2.00! Score! I’ll have to remember that next time I’m looking for a local happy hour.)

So there I was at the bar by myself, sitting in silence, looking around, taking in the scene. The female bartender was very fit and had long, thick, dark hair pulled into a ponytail, her face was made up and she had on a matching valor jumpsuit-type outfit. She was in conversation with a young man who was enjoying a beverage and sitting catty-corner from me. They were talking about bikes. I assumed street bikes, but I reckon it could have been bicycles.

There was a male and female couple sitting on my right hand side, several bar stools down. He seemed to be sipping on a bottled beer and watching the TVs. She seemed to be sucking down her cocktail and rambling on about who knows what.

After about 25 minutes of being there, the front door opened. For a brief moment daylight broke in, and interrupted the dimness of the bar. I couldn’t help but look to see who was coming in to join the party. A middle-aged man with a suspiciously great head of hair came stumbling up the stairs just as I turned to look, and we made eye contact. He said “Hi” to me, and I said “Hi” back, and he then plopped his bag and jacket on the stool that shared the corner with mine.

I am now going to try to roll play the conversation I had with this man, though I did not write anything down and don’t remember it exactly. It’s more like a summary, in dialogue format. I did not get the man’s name, but this situation has stuck in my head and I think it is very clear and resounding evidence that I need to bite the bullet and invest in a digital voice recorder!

(set one, take one. Dude just stumbled up to the bar and plopped his shit next to mine.)

The dude first ordered a drink by asking the bartender which beer was the cheapest. She told him Coors Light or Yuengling, and he ordered a Yuengling. I told the bartender I would have a second beer. The dude pulled out a twenty and paid for both of our drinks.

Dude: What town am I in?

Me: Dover. You are in the beautiful town of Dover, NJ.

(I assumed he had just gotten off the train. Meanwhile, he was standing in between our two chairs, right next to me, almost on top of me.)

Me: Why are you standing so close to me?

Dude: I don’t know. Sorry. Would you like me to move over?

Me: Yes, please.

Me: Why did you get off the train if you don’t know what town you are in? Where are you trying to go?

Dude: I’m trying to go to Dover.

Me: Well you’re in Dover. Now where do you need to go?

Dude: I am meeting someone here. I really need to piss.

Me: Well the bathroom’s right there (pointing).

Dude: I really have to piss, but I don’t want you to leave.

Me: I’m not leaving ‘til my train comes (looking at clock). You’ve got ten good minutes, hurry up and go to the bathroom!

Dude: I like you. You’re different. You’re cool. I love you.

Me: You love me, huh? I thought you had to go piss?

Dude: Will you kiss me first?

Me: No, sorry, not kissing you.

Dude: Please?

Me: No, imagined I kissed every guy that came stumbling up those stairs? What are you, crazy?

(Not to mention he kind of had some white foam in the corners of his mouth!!!)

…….He went to the bathroom and came back.

Dude: So where are you from?

Me: Dover!

Dude: No, where were you boooorn?

Me: Dover! You’re sitting next to a real Dover local! My dad? Dover High School. My grandfather? Dover High School!

He then briefly told me he was meeting “a little Mexican” at this bar in Dover to discuss business. For a few minutes I was under the assumption this meeting involved drugs, but then he said something about it involving a heating and air conditioning business.

Dude: You’re different. You’re like…..a man.

Me: Oh, wow, thanks. I’m not quite sure how to take that…

Dude: Nooo, I don’t mean you look like a man.

Me: So I just act like one?

Dude: No, you’re not a man, do you know what I mean? You’re probably the kind of girl that would fart or burp in front of others……You’re straight forward. That’s what I meant to say.

Me: Yes, well, I am straight forward…

Dude: I have a daughter, she is 17. You remind me of her. She is very blunt and straight forward, too.

When I only had about three minutes until I had to leave to catch the train I started drinking my almost-full beer as fast as I could. I stood up, gathered up my things and said goodbye to my bar companion. He didn’t seem too upset that I was leaving, he was more concerned about the 3-4 inches of beer that was still left in my glass.


Me: No, I gotta run!

Dude: CAN I HAVE IT!?!?!

Me: You can do whatever you want with it……

I turned one last time to look as I was walking down the stairs and out of the bar, and the last vision I have in my mind of the Dude is him pouring the rest of my beer into his own.

Good luck with things, Dude.


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