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Massage Envy, Rockaway, NJ -a horrible experience and review December 30, 2009

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I recently had a horrible experience with a national business, the local Massage Envy in Rockaway, NJ. My experience with this company has been anything but relaxing, and I advise any person who may want a massage to avoid patronizing this establishment!

I received a highly advertised gift certificate for a one-hour massage for the holidays. I went to Massage Envy on Wednesday, Dec. 16, 2009 to redeem services. Before I received my massage I inquired about paying with my gift certificate, but the young girl working the front desk told me I would pay after services.

I wasn’t happy or comfortable with the male they assigned to massage me, but I went with it because I’ve never received a professional massage and I didn’t know what “normal” massage etiquette was. However, the masseuse looking kind of dorky and creepy is not what my big problem was. The problem arose after the massage ended, when I tried to pay.

The young girl working the front desk told me that her computer wouldn’t read my gift certificate, even though it was purchased from the Massage Envy company’s website. I stood at the front desk for somewhere around 15 minutes while the young girls working told me there was “nothing they could do” because the gift certificate wouldn’t scan, so it looked like I was shit out of luck. They told me that if I paid for the services with my own money that day, I would be refunded the very next day, “when the manager was on duty.” The girl took my phone number and gift certificate number and told me the problem would be settled the very next day, and that I didn’t need to come back to the store, they would handle everything and call me to let me know I had been refunded.

Well, the next day came and went, and I didn’t hear from Massage Envy or receive my refund. I went back to the store on Saturday, Dec. 19th, 2009 to once again inquire about my refund. The same girl who had helped me on Wednesday once again told me that there was no manager on duty, and there was nothing they could do to assist me. I reminded her that she told me I would have gotten a phone call and refund, neither of which I received. She took my phone number for the second time and told me they would handle the problem.

Two more weeks went by. Never heard from them, never received my refund. By now, I’m fucking pissed. I mean, I was pissed the day it happened. If I wanted to PAY for an hour long massage, I would have done that ages ago. The only reason I went to this place was because I had a gift certificate. And forget about feeling “relaxed” from the services I received that day, any sense of relaxation I felt after the massage immediately vanished when I tried to redeem my gift certificate.

I went back to Massage Envy for the third time last night, and for the third time there was no manager on duty that could assist me with my fairly simple problem. I was very angry with the company and let the employees on duty know it. What kind of business reputation is this place trying to uphold? Seems to me like its run by a bunch of freshmen novices! First of all, what kind of store is run by 20 year old girls with no manager EVER on duty to handle problems? Also, the fact that they told me THREE TIMES they would call me and settle my problem, but I have not heard from them. They can’t even follow through with their word.

I WILL get my money back, I WILL NOT ever utilize this business again, and I would appreciate it if you don’t, either!


6 Responses to “Massage Envy, Rockaway, NJ -a horrible experience and review”

  1. Ky_phosis Says:

    I went to the SAME one yesterday with a gift card my mother-in-law gave me that ME donated to a raffle at the hospital she works at. It came directly from them! I showed the girl my gift card when I came, which she waved off and gave me an appointment for an hour later. I ALSO got the creepy bald dude…. who kept calling me “sweetie”….. and then when I went to give them the card, they refused t for the same reason. My mother-in-law got SO pissed that she called and complained until they said they’d remove the charges. I checked my account today and the charges are still pending. Fuckers.

    • rovinglady Says:

      Complain to Better Business Bureau!!!!! I did. Maybe they have a little scam going on! And if they don’t, well then they realllllllllly need some better management.

  2. In response to rovinglady and ky_phosis.
    I’m sorry your experience with Massage envy was not favorable.
    Massage Envy in Rockaway, NJ is now under new management, as well as Massage Envy in Morris Plains, NJ. So we would like you both to come back at the Intro rate of $49. Our staff of Therapists are either NJ State Certified or Nationally Certified Therapists.
    It is unfortunate that your issue were not taken care of in a timely manner.
    There have been problems with the gift certificates purchased on-line through the national web site. Unfortunately as individual clinics we can not always resolve those issues on-site, however, it should have been resloved for you within a day or two at the most.

    • Jessica Says:

      Well the “new management” is no better!

      I requested an appointment at Massage Envy for myself and my mother-in-law using the website. Via email I was told I would receive a phone call and never did. When I finally called the store to inquire about my appointment, I was told I was not called because no appointment was available on the day I requested. I was already a bit taken aback by that response since I assumed I would be contacted regardless. I then made a 3 o’clock appointment for the two of us for today, March 17. Last night at 9 pm I received a phone call that they had a schedule conflict and would I be able to come at 5. When I said I could not, I was asked if I would like to reschedule. I had made the appointment a whole week ago and did not see why I should reschedule due to the staff’s incompetence. I also find in incredibly inappropriate and unprofessional to call a costumer less than 24 hours prior to an appointment and at that time of night! Especially when THEY have a 24 hour cancellation policy–I guess what goes for the customers does not go for the staff?

      When I came for my appointment, I was told that my masseuse was running “just a tad late”. Well, I guess “just a tad” is a relative interpretation. I waited for FORTY minutes in the “tranquility” room, where I felt less than at peace. After 20 minutes of waiting, I was annoyed. I was offered free “aroma therapy” to make-up for my wait. I figured that meant my wait was nearly over. Finally (after 35 minutes of waiting) my masseuse, Maria or something, came in to ask if I had been told about the situation and how they were behind schedule. When I proceeded to get up she said that she was “not ready for me yet” in a less than friendly tone. No apology at all. Finally, I canceled my appointment. A few minutes later my masseuse came out into the waiting area where I was waiting now for my mother-in-law’s massage to finish and she began to banter with another client. I guess there is time for that?

      Needless to say, I am far from relaxed after this experience at the Rockaway store. If appointment schedules are too challenging for the staff at that store, perhaps someone should look into who is being hired to work for your company. With today’s economy, I am sure there are several other competent choices. And now I am stuck with MY gift card because heaven knows I have NO intention of stepping foot into that store again.

  3. wertyk Says:

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  4. Denise Says:

    Jessica- A similar thing happened at the massage envy of Morris Plains where they cancelled on me, except they only gave me 2 hours notice! I was a bitch and said that if I cancelled within two hours I would be charged still so I demanded that they give me a free massage. And that is what I got.

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