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Disco Biscuits at Brooklyn Bowl 10/11/09 October 14, 2009

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words by LC
photos by Jason Diaz

This past Sunday I unexpectedly saw some really good music (The Disco Biscuits) at a really cool venue (Brooklyn Bowl).

I say “unexpectedly” for two different reasons. One reason is that the show, which was an EP Release Party, was not even made known to the public until about one week prior. Brooklyn Bowl is a small venue, with capacity of 600 people, and tickets sold out fast. I didn’t even try to get a ticket, nor did I plan on going or know I was going until the afternoon, day of show.

My b/f Paul got a ticket for himself through a friend, and another one of Paul’s friends Diaz had mentioned he might have an extra ticket for me, but it was never made definite. By Sunday I hadn’t heard anything about the possible extra ticket and I assumed I wasn’t going, which was totally fine with me, because although I’ve seen Disco Biscuits more times than I can count off the top of my head, they never really wowed me into considering them to be one of my favorite bands. I figured I was low on cash, plus I was scheduled to work Monday at 10AM and it takes me about two hours to travel to or from Brooklyn by public transport, so it just “wasn’t gonna work out”…but oh, it did work out afterall!

On Sunday at 2pm while Paul and I were driving back from upstate NY Diaz called Paul and asked where WE were, and what our plans were before the show. Paul told Diaz to hold on, put the phone down, and asked me if I wanted to go to the show. I thought about it for about three seconds and made the executive decision to attend, because there I was being offered a ticket to a show I knew tons of hardcore fans would have lovved to be at. I had a free ride into the city (Paul was heading back to his apartment in Brooklyn) and the venue was only a $6 taxi ride from his pad. Also, I’m kind of in charge of my own schedule at my current job and I knew it wasn’t dire I be there at 10AM, so I figured I would go in late.

Whew, I sure do feel I made the right decision to go to the show! Diaz came over Paul’s about 6:30pm and we sipped on some whiskey and ginger ale until we headed to the venue around 8:30pm. The first thing we saw when arriving at the venue was a really long line of people, and lots and lots of bay-loons that weren’t filled with helium or oxygen. Paul had to wait in that extremely long line with his friend who had their tickets at will-call, but Diaz already had our tickets in hand so he and I went into the venue early and got to check it out before the show started.

Immediately upon entering Brooklyn Bowl it became one of my favorite venues. It’s hard to explain the set-up of the place, but feel free to check out photos of it at their website,


There are 16 lanes for bowling, a lounge section, an area specifically for diners, two bars, the stage area and an upstairs bathroom. The stage area reminded me of another favorite venue I’ve statistically frequented the most amount of times, The Electric Factory in Philadelphia. Brooklyn Bowl is built in an old (what I assume) warehouse, as their website says, “it’s territory is staked in the 23,000 square foot former Helca Iron Works (1882).”

The ceiling in parts of the facility is high and lofty, bearing similar resembalance to a ski lodge, though right over the stage area the ceiling is low and long. See, looky here! The Disco Biscuits on stage at Brooklyn Bowl!

Security was present, though from what I saw, not forceful. Lax security always gets a check plus plus in my book…although I took two pictures during the show and was threatened to be kicked out if I took another. I swear I didn’t know! Oh wait, now that I think of it, Paul said a security guard attacked him and Diaz when the guard saw Paul giving Diaz some money that he owed him. There was no exchange of illegal substances and the attack was very uncalled for, so maybe I should take back what I said about it being lax…But it certainly wasn’t the strictest venue I’ve been to.

Brooklyn Bowl had a lot of great accessories. It had a pretty ample supply of local and delicious beer, and I didn’t think $6/pint was asking too much for NYC. ALSO!! The bars had pitchers of water and plastic cups on the end so you could help yourself to all the free water you wanted! It was fantastic!!

It had some cool/hip decorations, including a bowling people trophy lamp, a case of these weird doll/animal/monster things, two disco balls and laser lights.


Also, Diaz and I lucked out and got to sit in these two really comfortable “executive” chairs while we were waiting for the rest of our crew. I made note that the chairs “wrapped perfectly around the body” and they seemed incredibly amazing to me at the time. We were sitting in those chairs when Diaz took this picture of me writing down some notes for THIS HERE blog!


The second reason I said I unexpectedly had such a great time at this show was because other times I’ve seen Disco Biscuits in the past I haven’t always thoroughly enjoyed their vibe. Their music can bring people, as my friend Seth said, “to the dark side,” and it usually pulsated at a frequency I just didn’t tune in to. But this show was different. The music sounded like it was coming from an entirely new band to me. It wasn’t dark or scary at all, and I definitely got some good use out of my boogie shoes. I don’t know if I changed, or the band changed (or probably a little of both), but on this particular night, WE CLICKED!

Before I end this I’d like to share two anecdotes that made me laugh when I reviewed my notes from the show the following day. The first happened when Diaz and I were waiting outside the venue in a short line to have our IDs checked. A guy in front of us was for some reason in line to get in, even though he didn’t have a ticket. While we were in line somebody came over and told him there was an extra ticket he could have. The kid got so excited, but then this chick came over and was not happy he got a ticket because she didn’t have one. All the kid said to her was, “I’m not even dating you anymore!!!” The bouncer laughed hard and the girl made a really nasty face and walked away. Apparantly she ended up scoring an extra though, because I saw her inside the show.

The other little amusing sidenote I jotted down was that during setbreak Diaz told me he relieved his blatter in a garbage can next to the bathroom because he didn’t want to wait in line. I asked him if many people saw him do it, and he said yes, but that they encouraged his behavior. “He was right for pissing in the garbage can,” was what was determined.

Alrighttttty now, well that about wraps this up! Another show, another smile, another memory. Until next time… la Disco Biscuits!

And most certainly…viva la Brooklyn Bowl! GO THERE!!!


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  1. Paul Schmidt Says:

    veryyyy cool…that venue is great..your writing is such good story writing..very good miss came!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

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